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Sachiko Abe
sachiko abe

Cut Papers on paper
30cm x 30cm

Sachiko Abe

"The act of cutting is a constant exercise through which I organise and structure my random thoughts. The rhythm of the scissors, the fineness and the length of the paper strip correspond to the process of my thinking and it's effect on  the body.  While essentially personal, “Cut Papers” is a  necessary practice for me to formulate my relationship to the external world."

The works of Sachiko Abe entitled "Cut Papers" are durational and irrational, created through repetition, that seem to be cutting an eternal revenge on a page and the stories ​excluded from a white A4  sheet.

"Throughout my artistic career, my primary focus has been the issue of identity,  in which individuals are categorised for what they are and how they function in maintaining  economic machinery. In the process of  ​exploring my essential discomfort ​against such social conditions, I started the act of ​cutting papers."

Sachiko Abe's work has explored regimes of subjectivity and cultural imposition, ​most explicitly in her continuing series of performance work. In  these acts she has ​created a surplus of material and of meaning within an apparently simple aesthetic economy. It is this ​scenic space of ​production that allows interpretation.


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