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​​"Sometimes I try to talk to you with your language to know about you more. In the same sounds,
​with the same system but I make errors.

Seems I pretend to play with intimacy and here it is again, thanking you ( for correcting my mistakes ) and sorry ( for your additional work ) is it greedy?

As senseless as a petal landing on my shoulder, it's just the touch of a word. No matter what language we use, are our words still light,
sounds will leave me high and harmonise over my height."
An extract from "Short Notes"  a collection of paintings and writings by the artist Hiromi Nakajima, whose themes situate the shadows of mortality in story telling, knowing it's probably too late for the gilded clouds of Heaven, but still hopeful for blue in the evening sky.
The images are quickly made, merging primary tints with muddied shapes, perhaps as an attempt ​to stop the cool drift of forgetfulness.

Hiromi Nakajima’s versatility as a communicator is in evidence through her images and writings. Working in diverse mediafrom delicate pen and ink to spray-painted water colours, often creating impressionist Rorschach images. Occupying a liminal space of translation where mountains can at once metamorphose into anatomies of breath before our eyes. "

Waugh Office was established in 2011 by Julia Waugh, and Mark Waugh,

 a hybrid platform curating exhibitions, events and publications internationally.

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