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Pump Prax Tokyo/Normandie

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Hiromi Nakajima

Pump Prax Tokyo/Normandie 2021

Artist Hiromi Nakajima live streamed a reading from Short Notes, this event took place at Infinity Book Store in Tokyo. The global lockdown of 2021 prevented members of the public being present, creating an opportunity to explore a new appetite for online "Happenings". Hiromi Nakajima's writings often reveal intimacy both physical and cerebral, so the the absence of others the performance space, added to this new normality of online togetherness: we now inhabit a world that has redesigned what community might mean.

The second part replicated a traditional exhibition space in a French Manor, however this was a room abandoned and decayed. Ideas of apocalypse much the subject of Twitter feeds and FaceBook now became a very real possibility and again our event had no audience. The exhibition was accessible only via a series of photographs, documentation preserved on YouTube. Our modernity of experience where rememberance is through technologies

"Therefore, the dynamics of image endorses a question: Is what you see what I see? That is the manifestation that revolves in my thoughts to begin with. Since the colours and lines have the theatrical effects which forcefully stretches the meanings by means of shifting its angles, the kinship with these materials of painting can transform into the interpretation of an aesthetic organism: that recycling what it has become for what it will be, through your eyes and experiences towards cognition."  - Hiromi Nakajima



I imagine a flight to Tokyo, the seats are full, the Olympian quest of distance travel.
I imagine people, other places, different voices, did someone cough?
​I imagine a gallery, paintings on the walls, the fluid colours of biology.

The windows are white in the photos, as if the room suspends by clouds, a ship of pictures that floats on invisible waves conjured by the masts of a 5G tower.

Do you believe in telepathy, or has this exhibition by Hiromi Nakajima  entitled Pump Prax really happened? Did the mind of this artist imagine the installation: an abandoned room in the French countryside, walls of mud and straw, paintings pinned and blue-tacked to the damp surfaces that made them fall and flutter onto a dusty floor?

















Do you believe in ghosts?

I was told the images suggest the interior of a living body, but the artist was absent and there is no audience. Realities of doing and being creative that for Hannah  Arendt makes for freedom in life,  finds resonance in an empty space that is only accessed on Social Media. ​

I try to shift focus as the world becomes designed through prescription, whether actual or ephemeral, this is the dawning of the age of technologies that paradoxically, put limits to experience as we forget proximity ... looking through, looking in, looking out, looking at a mobile phone.

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