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Bubble Entendre

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Mark Waugh - Bubble Entendre

Mark Waugh

Bubble Entendre

Book Works 2009



Bubble Entendre is published as part of Book Works’ Semina series (No.3). Edited by Stewart Home.

As a novel operates as a satellite capturing data from the cultural landscapes in which as a curator and artist Mark Waugh has located a range of artworks, from performance to film and installation. It is the most complete archive of these activities and yet immerses this history in the fragmentation of a corpus.


"So it’s a utopian project. Home has written about the currents of this project at length and has put himself about to increase the influx of radical ideas that challenge the repulsive life in which we live for the last twenty odd years. Thus this Semina project is itself not an isolated outbreak of an obscure culture war, just as Waugh’s novel is not a stand-alone eruption into the literary field. Mr Trippy is a leading player in a largely unpublicised yet exceedingly important undercurrent of dissatisfaction. Given the nature of the relationship between Waugh and Home as writer and editor it’s worth dwelling on how far this is Waugh’s work and how far Home has influenced it. 

Home is the greatest living ventriloquist performer of novels. How far is his editorship another act of ventriloquency? The nature of ventriloquency is a kind of magic out to create an illusion for others. There is a vast literature about this. Some key films too. There is also the possibility of the mystical creation of another, making up a daemon at the end of the arm. An alternative mouth and an alternative voice. We may well ask if, therefore, ventriloquency is an act of corollary force or rather, as the Quarterly Review was to Edinburgh in the age of Hazlitt, one of contradiction? What happens when the voice goes free of the shut gob to make its noise in another hole? Does it really go free? Is this magic? Not wanting to sound rude but you have to wonder: is Waugh Home’s puppet here? In some sense there is the recognition that the act of collaboration is not always of equals, and the project overall has wires that go beyond the immediate circuit of this one novel, this one clutch of Semina works, that reach back through the tendrils of the trickster troublemaking surrealist, lettrist, fluxus, neoist thickets to go forward from that history, that tradition." - Richard Marshall

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