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Bubble Entendre

Book Works



Mark Waugh

Bubble Entendre

Book Works 2009



Bubble Entendre is published as part of Book Works’ Semina series (No.3). Edited by Stewart Home.

Bubble Entendre* as a novel operates as a satellite capturing data from the cultural landscapes in which as a curator and artist Mark Waugh has located a range of artworks, from performance to film and installation. It is the most complete archive of these activities and yet immerses this history in the fragmentation of a corpus.


Whilst many of the artworks he has made are ephemeral, the book remains and is therefore a particular trope of place in which the body works and continues to produce a catalogue of involuntary spasms like a hanged man or sashimi octopus.

Waugh Office was established in 2011 by Julia Waugh and Mark Waugh,

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