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Anti-cool also known as Tomoko Freeman was interviewed for Women Cinemakers about the evolution of performance and film making. The article includes a detailed description of Echo Tides, a portrait of Folkestone commisioned by Waugh Office for the exhibtion Leaving Language.

Siyaziwa are Velisa Jara, Nosizwe Dumo, Mfundo Tafeti, Ncediwe Nama, Farhana Jacobs who created an audio drama for radio called Kwa Ntliziyondise, this translates into English as, Follow Your Heart. In an interview for airedeturner. Sophie Woolley asks what issues motivated the creation of the play. The event was live streamed from Cape Town and screened at Turner Contemporary in Margate.

"Siyaziwa – a Cape Town group of LGBTQI radio reporters-turned-actors – will be talking about their audio drama, Kwa Ntliziyondise that translates into English as Follow My Heart, created at Children's Radio Foundation."

Kwa Ntliziyondise is an audio drama based on the issues faced by gay and lesbian youth living in the township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town, South Africa. This is an inclusive project created, written and performed by people from different parts of Khayelitsha selected through a process facilitated by Health4Men and Free Gender.

The audio drama offered a space for gay and lesbians to voice their experiences and create stories that personify their dreams, fears and aspirations.

"Siyaziwa means "to be known..." All nine provinces of LGBTQi people were invited to launch an awareness ad... the minister said let's give the justice to LGBTQi people... so now we're known by the South African government, Siyaziwa." Velisa Jara.

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