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Anti-cool - Tea and Sugarcane

Updated: Jan 22

15th January 2024




L1 4DQ

The premiere of Tea and Sugarcane a film that follows the lives of three people, two of whom are victims of human trafficking in the UK, revealing the stories of these situation.

Through visual montage and interviews, we share their upbringings, families and childhood dreams and discover the triggers that makes for such a risky path.

Alongside Tea and Sugarcane, Anti-cool also presents two recent experimental audio-visual works: Echo Tides and Wind, Land and Sea. This event includes a discussion with Anti-cool and Mark Waugh, plus a Q&A with the audience.

Anti-cool is a Liverpool based artist, is originally from Japan, whose work with film explore social systems and the influence of globalisation on people whose lives are marginalised, revealing borders that separate histories intrinsic to landscapes.

Recent exhibitions/screenings include Directory at The Wrong Biennale (Online, 2023-24), HOME (Manchester, 2023), International Day for Monuments and Sites at Aveiro City Museum (Portugal, 2022), Toynbee Studios at Artsadmin (London, 2019)

The event is supported by Arts Council England.


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