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Short Notes - Hiromi Nakajima

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Short Notes by Hiromi Nakajima

The first published work of poetry and paintings from the artist Hiromi Nakajima.

Mixing up several languages to talk to you, by only typing words our entities are enclosed through transformers. Grimacing without sounds a friskiness bounced, can a light headedness be evacuated from the responsibility of words?

But you are still the closest human being who delivers a delightful assurance. Building diagrams piece by piece in the verbal darkness, surely I make mistakes under the pressure? I don't know your real name, I don't know the look of your figure, I've heard your voice a few times and I know you're close, but our emails do not guarantee who we are.

Sometimes I talk to you with your language to try and know about you more, in the same sounds, with the same system, but I make errors. Seems I pretend to play with intimacy and here it is again, thanking you (for correcting my mistakes) and being sorry (for your additional work).

Is it greedy or as senseless as a petal landing on my shoulder, it's just the touch of a word. No matter what language we use our words are still light, sounds will leave me high harmonising over my height.


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