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Semiconductor - Black Rain

Updated: Apr 26

Artistic duo Ruth Jarman & Joe Gerhardt make artworks which explore the material nature of our world and how we experience it through the lens of science. After a celebrated show at Art Basel they are participated in The 2018 Sydney Biennial Semiconductor screened “Black Rain” and “Brilliant Noise" for The Astrologer Who Fell Into A Well at CAS in Osaka

"It was post world war cinema that evolved the Sci fi genre, merging representations of the heavenly with augmented contemporary. Cinema created places where such cosmic sublimity is emphasised and movies such as, 2001 A Space Odyssey often concluded in the transcendental. When is a Sci Fi protagonists not on a journey with spiritual overtones of exaggerated hyper coloured omnipotence?

That there is nothing more than this, is a soporific acknowledgment that can only increase our determination to ease into the future through technology. The click through continuum softens perceptions of reality in a solitary stimuli of online imaging and streaming sounds. The outer limits of an outer space, are now inside our imaginations, moving inward with electronic information transfer.

Yet despite this the sky can still conjures wonder, even when dimmed with the orange glow of a city when. Aeroplane lights blink at the crescent moon and we know that satellites can deliver data faster than the portents of comets, but even these additions, looking at cloudless night sky our thoughts and feelings can surprise us.

 And so we venture virtually to create the virtuous with mimetic heavens when we wish upon synthetic stars."

The Astrologer Who Fell into A Well was curated by Julia Waugh for CAS Osaka.

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