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LEAFF at Tate Modern

Updated: Apr 26

Tatsumi Orimoto, Tsuneko Taniuchi & Kim Young-Mi.

Grandmother's Lunch, Beethoven-Mama,

Flower Bed, Painter & Mom

Artists Films LEAFF

Tate Modern London 2019

The fourth London East Asia Film Festival introduced eight Film & Art titles for Tate Modern's Starr Cinema, to complete the programme. These events were supported by LEAFF, The BFI Lottery Fund London, The Museum of Photography Seoul and Waugh Office.

On 26th October, this event was divided into three sections. The second section dedicated to a series of screenings and a discussion about differing perspectives on intimacy and the passage of time.

Artists Tatsumi Orimoto, Tsuneko Taniuchi, and Kim Young-mi were in attendance for a chat after the screening with Curator Julia Waugh.

Flower Bed

Tsuneko Taniuchi | Japan | 2011 | 14 mins

Tsuneko Taniuchi’s work explores the borders between art and life, it also looks at questions relating to social, sexual and cultural identity. Her work has been shown at international events such as Force de l’art at the Grand Palais, Paris in 2006 and 2009 and the Liverpool Biennial in 2004.

Grandmother’s Lunch

Tatsumi Orimoto | Japan | 2017 | 4 mins


Tatsumi Orimoto | Japan | 2012 | 13 mins

Tatsumi Orimoto has created a unique relationship to performance, film and photography by inviting an audience to become essential participants in the production of artworks. His recent work with his mother has captured the imagination and provided insights into how an artist can transform universal themes such as ageing and family into artworks of intimacy and beauty. Orimoto worked with artists such as Nam June Paik and Joseph Beuys and continues across decades to participate in museums and biennials throughout the world.

Painter & Mom

Kim Young-mi, Forest Ian Etsler | Korea | 2019 | 12 mins

For the last 30 years, painting has been Kim Young-mi's life. Numerous collections of paintings are of her mother and dedicated to her past. Kim co-directs, starring in the documentary with her mother about her life and how her art is influenced. Kim explains, "I paint so that I can overcome the trauma of my personal and familial history. I paint with desperation so that I can begin to live"

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