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ICF & Axel Lapp Projects - 5th Berlin Biennial

International Curators Forum launched its 2008 programme with an intimate afternoon salon at Axel Lapp Projects to mark a light performative parenthesis around the 5 Berlin Biennial, When things cast no shadow was curated by Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic.

Using the freedom of speech in an uncontested space ICF explored the possibility of breaking with conventions, exploring the 24/7 economy as a temporal structure well suited to Berlin. The Curator and critic Axel Lapp lead a conversation on these themes and discussed the rise of the independent gallery scene in Berlin and its resonances with the curatorial agendas of the Biennial.

The salon was an opportunity to see a selection from the current exhibition a season of films that featured work by Sonia Boyce & David Bickerstaff [UK], Nick Crowe & Ian Rawlinson [UK], Jeanne van Heeswijk & Marten Winters [NL], Mona Jas & Holger Friese [D], Sonia Khurana [IND], John Sealey [UK].

An Introduction to the ICF

In 2007 the newly formed International Curators Forum (ICF) staged two International Symposia and facilitated a group of over eighty arts professionals on a curatorial networking project. This experience gave us a unique insight into the needs of contemporary curators and in particular those from culturally diverse backgrounds. It ideally positioned the organisation to consolidate a reputation and constitution as a leading provider of skills development and business opportunities for professional curators in the UK.

"An organisation which marks the changes, disruptions, and interventions that occur across major biennials over the next decade and documents these processes to allow future and emerging curators to discover, learn and develop their professional practice."

David A Bailey July 2007

The next phase of the ICF maintained the momentum and inspiration of 2007 'Tactical Interventions' and created a portfolio of activity that consolidated key partnerships and explored a wider range of professional development opportunities for curators such as master classes, residencies, workshops and salons.


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