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Observations & 

Prof. Jean Wainwright,

Fiona Parry,

Yasmina Reggad &

Jennifer Thatcher

Curating Risk



This was a live streamed discussion from Margate Museum for #airedeturner at Venice Agendas Turner Contemporary Margate.

The velocity of culture is such that although Rhizome is still a powerful agent for digital culture it is no longer the centre of the debate on digital aesthetics. It's position like those of theorists who pursued the depths of minimalism as if they might reveal the God of the detail, now seem to be voices off stage. As Twitter loses its grip on the word count and collaterals of textual violence we progress into more extended conversations on aesthetics, ecology and politics. I am reminded that everything is branded and on replay on YouTube and Vimeo. It matters not when or where this was said but there is a significance to the idea Jennifer Thatcher shared that there is perhaps a nostalgia for the easy binaries of the kitsch and avant grade in art. Whereas now the reality is that the mainstream is splintering into new and indeed  crowded peripheries which the net has accelerated, whilst the capacity of the centre to authenticate its importance begins to look like a crisis. 


Prof. Jean Wainwright & Fiona Parry

​Again Thatcher has suggested new political strategies are emergent such as Occupy who now claim to. Voice for the 99%. In the powder room of Turner Contemporary in conversation with Yasmina Reggad, Jean Wainright and Fiona Parry this conversation was continued despite the sonic disturbances that occur when theory and curatorial ideas are spoken amongst the populous. That the equality of voices in the artworld is unbalanced is underlined by a discourse which whilst having both wit and weight is deliberately situated in the Ladies Toilets, an official gender divide but is obviously broadcast to question this border. 

Yasmina Reggad & Jennifer Thatcher

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