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low Def

Artists Films
Lewisham Arthouse

Jeff Keen


anti cool, Jeff Keen, Hiromi Nakajima, Noriko Okaku, Tatsumi Orimoto, 
Richard Parry, ​Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Samantha Sweeting & Julia Waugh

Artist's Films at The Salon at The Lewisham Arthouse

London 2017.

Low Definition, like an act of translation through soft borders, is more the suggestion of something. In descriptions that are formless there is the concept of “L’informe”. Yet the question of the Premium and highly defined communication is a blurred equation, with our increased abilities to clone reality, meta data is minimised in a horizontal platform of replication.






Still associated with DIY production and the economically marginalised, the accessibility of technologies has enabled a reevaluation of "HD" as opposed to "LD". Perhaps as exchange that allows for another experience and with this permission for the "in-between" of things to have significance.

Jane Pollard & Iain Forsyth

Noriko Okaku


Hiromi Nakajima


Waugh Office was established in 2011 by Julia Waugh, and Mark Waugh,

 a hybrid platform curating exhibitions, events and publications internationally.

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