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Observations & 

Ala Younis,

Dr. Felicity Allen,

David A. Bailey MBE &

Mark Waugh

The artist, The Archive & ArchitectURE



This was a live streamed discussion from Margate Museum for #airedeturner at Venice Agendas Turner Contemporary Margate.


Our platform was destined to expand on new territories but the ennui of the intellectuals is always dreaming of total and shocking reality...the giddy screaming of the helter skelter...we lose ourselves in footnotes and references which are coming down fast! Even our advance warnings arrive as untimely sentiments,


" How do histories become transfigured through aesthetic reflection and why is the past so critical to marginalised artists? What are the particular issues for, say, diasporic artists? Dr Felicity Allen, David A Bailey and Ala Younis, discussed the risks the archive and how architecture frames artworks in their recent work at Turner Contemporary, the ICA and the Venice Biennale."

flick and ala.jpg

ala Younis and Dr. Felicity Allen

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