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アーティストの中島ひろみによる絵画と文章のコレクション「ショート ノート」からの抜粋。そのテーマは、物語を語る中で死すべき運命の影を位置づけており、天国の金色の雲にはおそらく遅すぎることを知っているが、それでも空の青に希望を抱いている。夕方の空。


Hiromi Nakajima’s versatility as a communicator is in evidence through her images and writings. Working in diverse media from delicate pen and ink to spray-painted water colours, often creating impressionist Rorschach images. Occupying aliminal space of translation where mountains can at once metamorphose into anatomies before our eyes.

With poems and extensive narrative texts that playfully engage with subjects from fairytale imagining to existential reflections all served up with a hesitance of the 21st century subjectivity.

Performance and exhibition include Port Eliot Festival Saltash, Turner Contemporary Margate and Leaving Language for The Folkestone Triennial Collateral.

Hiromi Nakajima lives and works in Tokyo.

Please contact info@waughoffice for further details and pricing.

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