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Tatsumi Orimoto
The Breadman &
The Orimoto Festival



Ole Bak Jakobsen

Tatsumi Orimoto 

The Breadman & The Orimoto Festival

Chart Copenhagen



"We were interrupted by the cries of septuagenarian Japanese performance artist Tatsumi Orimoto, who marched up with four baguettes strapped to his head, trailed by an entourage sporting bread-wear in similar fashion. Under the guise of his notorious alter ego “Bread Man” (first performed in Ginza, Tokyo in 1991), Orimoto climbed onto a patio chair and shouted at his followers to fill the seats around us. I caught an earlier performance where Orimoto called out for a beer while his team offered up tears made of bread to the crowd. While enjoying the snack, Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland—whose “Slogans for the 21st Century” series was plastered across the buses, subways, and balconies of Copenhagen through the duration of the fair—gave me his unsurprisingly witty theories about the work’s meaning." - Molly Gottschalk

:"KØS’s Orimoto Festival at CHART and in Køge is part of the large-scale exhibition In your heart |In your city arranged by our museum. The exhibition features four active Japanese contemporary artists who belong to different generations, but all work with participatory art in public spaces: Chiharu Shiota, Takafumi Hara, Yukihiru Taguchi and Tatsumi Orimoto. When we realised that the scheduled time of Orimoto’s performances in Denmark coincided with CHART, we thought that a collaboration would be a wonderful choice, thereby involving him in this major Copenhagen art event.


Orimoto is a definite pioneer within performance art. In many ways he has been an avant-garde forerunner for some of the important strategies seen on the contemporary art scene today, internationally and in Japan. Thanks to the excellent relationship between the exhibition curator Tereza de Arruda and the artist, and thanks to Orimoto’s enthusiasm about the concept of KØS, which is one of the only museums in the world to be dedicated exclusively to public art, we were fortunate enough to persuade him to come all the way to Denmark." - Christine Buhl Andersen

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