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Tatsumi Orimoto has created a unique relationship to performance, ​film and photography it is one that allows an audience to become
essential  ​participants in the production of artworks. Known for his seemingly bizarre activities such as "Bread Man", where he appears with his face obscured with French Bread Sticks, This  persona  is a clear example of what he  describes asCommunication Art” and is one that attracts much bewilderment and curiosity from passers-by as they are invited to engage in his world.​ The  more recent "Art  Mama" series has captured the public's imagination as it provided an insight ​into the way an artist took universal themes such as ageing  and  turned them into an inspirational portrait of intimacy. With the performances like "Small Mama Big Shoes", he has ensured that his art is not ​allowed
to drift too far from the lived realities of most people.

​In the era of instant imaging his strategy seems like a prophetic paradigm, revealing the importance of photography in the construction of identity and memory: to hold onto experience we have to become producers of our own mythology.

​​"My mother is 91 years old and has become unable to work by herself, perhaps the world view may be tougher on her existence,
​but in my work she looks glorious". -
Tatsumi Orimoto

Waugh Office was established in 2011 by Julia Waugh, and Mark Waugh,

 a hybrid platform curating exhibitions, events and publications internationally.

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