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Hiromi Nakajima

“Is what you see what I see?” I start with a question, the angle of the eye, the gap that separates us. My paintings revolve, there's always difference, certain spaces. Painting is map making on a wall, on the floor and sometimes even with obstructions, colours and shapes show the way disturbing your interpretation and indexes.

By using fabric “in” the canvas or rolling it up half fixed to the wooden frame, I create a kind of “content” for a painting, to give it weight and expanded edges. Suppose a painting has mass just like a body and then add an image of a balloon?

History tells us about relative issues and (re)arrangements of everything, the idea of inequality is the concept that things are never complete, our perspectives surrendered according to time. I try and depict this aspect with a pictorial language, to get close to the intersection point or just to keep speaking with the somewhere inbetween."


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