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Noe Aoki



Noe Aoki created a site specific installation for Leaving Language called 繰り返/ Kurikaesu/Iteration at The Metropole Gallery Folkestone England.


The artists sculptural forms weld together the pervasive semaphores of modernity. Iron and steel shapes suggesting hashtags or particle atoms, multiplied in dense physical and structural manifestations. A site of demolition repurposed as gardens of rusted stamens, calligraphic metallic forms leave coded messages for us to decipher.

Archaeologists of the future will explore the earth through layered debris from rapidly buried epochs. As we contemplate post Internet Art become covered in the digital accumulations of our observations. The simple label: Iteration began to look convincing. It was a stable taxonomy in which language supports these things we call "Art" and us humans who experience them.

Mobile phones and computers emit electromagnetic radiation; the risk we face in order to gaze at the potential of more information. There is an equation for Iron or the simple facts that it followed Bronze in the metallurgical evolution of civilisations. In Japan this period is called the Yayoi and dates between 300 BC - 300 AD.

Noe Aoki cuts into this enigmatic and ancient material, perhaps an anachronism in the era of 3D printing and laser sliced alloys. In a world universe of circles and lines we can imagine our history of geometry, calculations of Heaven and landscapes all fused together.

Noe Aoki - Tamak Kawaguchi - Leaving Language 2017.jpg

Art is a weapon that helps create political maps that mutate and evolve after their authors are dead. Hammers, tongs, acetylene torches, these sound like they could make mischief with flesh but they are not as dangerous as the forms extracted from the subterranean labyrinth of the mind.

From this void sparks fly and the clanging sound of mythology derange the senses. "What names do we have for Quail eggs and where can they be purchased?" How does it translate from Japanese to English?

(Having remembered there is a paragon and the question of the frame). The sublime objects rose in front of us; evoking pylons, electricity from the nearby power station at Dungeness. How does nuclear fission produce energy ... water, boiling, steam?

An email archive began with an idea of scented soap on a table, piled like standing stones and ended with an evocation of a forest: tortured lines clinging and clutching like the angled shadows from an expressionist film. Black metal in an Art Nouveau gallery space is some heavy magnetism.


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